Hot Pie From Game of Thrones Opens IRL Bakery

Fans of Hot Pie (aka Ben Hawkey) from Games of Thrones will be happy to know that he is currently living his best life after opening a bakery that opened the same weekend as the season 7 premiere.

Guess what it’s called? “You Know Nothing Jon Dough.” And puns are not the only thing that Hawkey has been perfecting in his new business….

Hot Pie Bakery, Ben Hawkey

Jon Dough bakery also has Direwolf bread! That’s right, the very same bread that Hot Pie baked for Arya and later improved upon for Brienne. This version is apparently made from a whole wheat cornbread dough, and you’re meant to eat it warm with butter.

Hot Pie Bakery, Ben Hawkey

If you are lucky enough to live in the London, you can get direwolf bread exclusively through Deliveroo for one pound a piece. (And while you’re at it, mail us a few?)


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