A New Trailer and Posters For DC’s Justice League!

Warner Bros. sent their teams to San Diego Comic Con today to give us the latest updates on their super team-up the Justice League! They also revealed their latest poster, which may look familiar to comics fans…

The banner above is heavily reminiscent of an illustration of the League by artist Alex Ross, and this isn’t the first time that the upcoming film has harkened back to his work–the teaser poster also borrowed from his imagery.

The one-page poster version of this banner, however, feels a little different:

Justice League poster, 2017

More like the cover of a Queen album this way? (Either that or Batman is very cold and his friends are kind enough to form a snuggly circle of warmth around him.) Also, you’ve gotta love how they make certain to slip in Superman’s House of El symbol even though he’s not in the poster, as though they must sooth fans and remind them that Superman is totally not dead and going to be in the Justice League, don’t worry.

Or rather, he’s the one who always has to take the pictures….

Ahem. In light of that, I present the trailer:

Get ready. The Justice League hits screens on November 17th.


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