The Defenders Crash Their Own Cosplay Meetup!

Thanks to the internet, it’s pretty common to see cosplay meetups at conventions these days: Everyone picks a character or property and coordinates in advance. But what about when the people you’re dressing up as crash your cosplay?

Marvel Entertainment tweeted the excellent San Diego Comic-Con group portrait above, in which Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Charlie Cox, and Finn Jones all channeled their Defenders characters to various degrees of accuracy. (Apparently when he’s not wearing a mask Cox just wears the goofiest of expressions instead.)

Though to be honest, we kind of prefer this photo Finn Jones posted to his Instagram hours earlier, of the Defenders traveling en route to SDCC:

The Defenders traveling SDCC 2017 Krysten Ritter Finn Jones Charlie Cox Mike Colter

Photo: @finnjones

Colter looks way too cool for this selfie, Ritter is wearing a shirt with her name on it (in case she gets lost?), and Cox still has the goofy grin. Adorable.

The Defenders premieres on Netflix August 18.


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