How to Actually Make a Sword “Forged From the Blood of Your Enemies”

Tumblr did the math. And then it got weird.

Whenever big tough fantasy types want you to know how big and tough they are, you may come across the phrase “forged from the blood of mine enemies” where weaponry is concerned. But is that really a practical exercise for sword-making? Inquiring minds want to know.

Turns out, you can math that.

Tumblr blog macaedh graced the internet with a text exchange from “Ethan,” who apparently worked this whole problem out. And with the addition of a few more math-minded pals, the exact amount of dead enemies have been worked out for more than one type of sword. Check it:

blood sword math

blood sword math

So. High fantasy math has made it clear that you need to kill at least 225 un-friends before you get such a fancifully morbid weapon. But 400 is probably the average for a big ol’ blade.

Anyway. Life goals.

Top picture by Welcome ImagesCC-BY-4.0, CC BY 4.0.


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