Black Helicopters Circle Overhead as Caitlín R. Kiernan’s Signalman Returns

The Signalman, the enigmatic character introduced in this year’s tour de force novella Agents of Dreamland is coming back! is proud to present two novellas from winner of multiple World Fantasy, Tiptree, Locus, Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild awards, Caitlín R. Kiernan, with a new edition of her tour de force World Fantasy Award nominee Black Helicopters, and an entirely new follow-up story.

Commissioning editor Jonathan Strahan said about it:

I fell in love with Caitlín R. Kiernan’s Black Helicopters when I read a fragment of it several years ago. Dark, incisive, and lyrical, like all of Caitlín’s best work, it was a remarkable achievement. It was also the precursor to Agents of Dreamland, which we published earlier this year and is one of the things I’m happiest and proudest to have worked on in my career. I’m delighted to be part of bringing Black Helicopters to a new audience and to help bring another part of the Signalman’s story to readers everywhere.

Caitlín said:

I’m very pleased that will be bringing Black Helicopters to a wider audience. It was my first foray into the world of Agents of Dreamland. It’s the place where it began, after all, with those ultra-silent, unmarked black Hueys, latter-day whirlybird harbingers, as good as angels—or better. And also I’m thankful for the opportunity to tell a new tale of X and Y and the Albany spooks, another round of blue roses, another batch of lies and subterfuge and half-glimpsed mystery. I’m grateful to have a place to put these stories. It’s a dodgy thing, the novella, half an orphan, half a literary freak, too long for this, too short for that, generally looked upon with suspicion and chagrin by readers less familiar with twilight lengths.


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