Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writers are Pitching Book Agents with #SFFPit on Twitter

Do you have a science fiction or fantasy book burning a hole in your laptop? Today might be the day you find it a home! Twitter is hosting #SFFPit today, so if you have a finished manuscript, you can craft a 140-character pitch, tag your tweet with a descriptor like #FA (Fantasy), #PA (Post-apocalyptic SF), or #WW (Weird West) and send it out into the world! The rules are simple: if a literary agent likes your pitch, you can follow their instructions to follow up with a formal query. If you want to support a pitch, you can retweet it, but don’t like it—only agents are supposed to like, and you don’t want to clutter another writer’s notifications. And remember, only pitch if you have a completed manuscript!

Click through for some samples!

Some authors use film classics as touchstones, from National Treasure:

To The Hunger Games:

While others stick to strictly literary comp titles:

And others hearken back to much older inspirations:


While others grab you with a terrifying hook:

And others unleash demons:

And still others have concepts that beg to be read:

Are you ready to dive in? Head over to #SFFPit to pitch your book, and best of luck to everyone!



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