Revealing Cassandra Khaw’s Bearly A Lady

We’re excited to share the cover for Bearly a Lady, a smart and funny urban fantasy from Cassandra Khaw about navigating adult relationships as a werebear…

Learn more about the novella and check out the full cover by artist Muna Abdirahman below!

Author Cassandra Khaw had this to say about the cover:

I screamed when I saw the cover.  I’m not ashamed to say this. The tiniest shriek ever. I hadn’t quite figured out what Zelda looked like in my head. But when my editors pinged over the illustration, everything came together. This was her. This was Zelda. In the flesh. Except possibly better than anything I could possibly imagine. (Sidenote: I’m in love with how menacing her bear-form looks.)

Bearly a Lady is like nothing I’ve written before. It is fluffy, funny, focused on relationships, and entirely without a body count. No one dies in this book. Not on camera, at least. But it is a book about a woman trying to figure out societal expectations and all that entails, the toxicity of certain relationships, and how some people lack an understanding of boundaries.

It’s also about werebears nibbling on muffins.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

Cover art by Muna Abdirahman; design by Kenda Montgomery

Bearly a Lady is available July 18th from Book Smugglers Publishing. From the catalog copy:

Zelda McCartney (almost) has it all: a badass superhero name, an awesome vampire roommate, and her dream job at a glossy fashion magazine (plus the clothes to prove it).

The only issue in Zelda’s almost-perfect life? The uncontrollable need to transform into a werebear once a month.

Just when Zelda thinks things are finally turning around and she lands a hot date with Jake, her high school crush and alpha werewolf of Kensington, life gets complicated. Zelda receives an unusual work assignment from her fashionable boss: play bodyguard for devilishly charming fae nobleman Benedict (incidentally, her boss’s nephew) for two weeks. Will Zelda be able to resist his charms long enough to get together with Jake? And will she want to?

Because true love might have been waiting around the corner the whole time in the form of Janine, Zelda’s long-time crush and colleague.

What’s a werebear to do?

Pre-order the novella now at the links below, or from your favorite retailer:

Amazon US | Amazon UK



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