Succumb to the Fresh Baked Horror of DEATH LOAF

A number of years ago, Patton Oswalt shared a heartwarming story during his seminal album, Werewolves and Lollipops. The story was of an obscure film he was obsessed with, titled DEATH BEAD: The Bed that Eats. He used the film’s completion as a motivating tool. After all, if the genius behind DEATH BED: The Bed That Eats, writer/director George Barry, could finish his script, so could Oswalt. We’re happy to report that Twitterer Aspartame Valerian has now unleashed a new horror upon us: “DEATH LOAF: The Bread That Eats People.” Now, they didn’t just stop at a fun pun, oh no—they built DEATH LOAF, and allowed it to menace them for online amusement.

Click through for highlights!

DEATH LOAF began its reign of gluten-filled terror when a single drop of blood awoke his hunger for human flesh.


This poor man has no idea he’s being hunted by evil carbohydrates!


Oh no! DEATH LOAF has unfurled its tines!




But wait! Some hardy soul has pushed DEATH LOAF into a microwave! Will this be his undoing? Will its metal fork-feet make the microwave explode?


Will the intrepid couple defeat DEATH LOAF? Head over to Twitter to find out!



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