You Want to See the American Gods as Adorable Cats

Artist Cassie Murphy proved her national treasure status when she transformed the kids from Stranger Things (RIP Barb) into cats. But now she has declared herself a cosmic treasure by creating the Americat Gods. They all master that fine balance necessary to both cat and god—they are as awe-inspiring as they are lovable.

Click through for KITTIES GODS!


Look at how cute they all are! Mr. Nancy has a snazzy jacket, Technical Cat is clearly based on the new, vape-smoking iteration of the character, Media is in an adorable Lucille Ball-style dress, Zorya keeps her vodka bottle within easy reach, and, well, we’re not sure exactly how Czernobog Kitty is going to wield that bloody hammer, but we’re certainly not in any hurry to find out.

You can find more of Cassie Murphy’s art over at her site!



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