Subterranean Press to Release Limited Edition of Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Subterranean Press has announced a signed, limited edition of Emily St. John Mandel’s Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning novel Station Eleven, with a gorgeous new cover that will make it the kind of book you would definitely treasure in the post-apocalypse.

Like the original cover, Vincent Chong’s dust cover illustration also emphasizes the stunning, clear night sky in a post-electric world. But whereas the former features the camplike human settlements, Chong’s focuses on the Traveling Symphony, a caravan of performers and musicians bringing Shakespeare plays to the disparate survivors of a fatal flu twenty years after civilization has ended.

Subterranean will produce just 750 copies of the signed, numbered limited edition priced at $50, which will be clothbound printed on 60# Nature’s Natural archival quality paper and feature a wraparound dust jacket by Chong. There will also be 26 signed, lettered copies of the lettered edition priced at $250, which will be leatherbound and traycased. Subterranean describes the novel, which was shortlisted for the National Book Award:

On stage during a snowstorm King Lear collapses, and the actor playing him, Hollywood star Arthur Leander, never gets up. Young Kirsten Raymonde, child actress, watches from the wings as Arthur dies. A former paparazzo-turned-EMT in the audience tries to save him, leaving to discover the early stages of a fast-spreading flu have descended on the city and the world. Arthur’s former wife reflects on their time together and the graphic novel that is her great work of art.

Fifteen years after Arthur’s death, the Traveling Symphony tours the Great Lakes region of a sparsely populated, greatly altered United States. Time is marked as before and after the flu, and life—like the remnants of civilization—is still ever-fragile. An actress with the company, Kirsten bears an inscription fromStar Trek on her arm—“Because survival is insufficient”—that is echoed on a Symphony caravan. In the town of St. Deborah by the Water, the Traveling Symphony provokes a local tyrant, a crisis that follows them onto the road.

Here’s the full cover:

Station Eleven Subterranean Press special edition

Art by Vincent Chong

Station Eleven is a novel that immediately claimed a special place in readers’ hearts,” Subterranean Press COO Yanni Kuznia said in a press release. “We are absolutely delighted to be bringing this signed, limited edition into print.”

The special editions of Station Eleven will be available this December. You can find more information on Subterranean Press’ site.


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