Announcing The Midnight Front by David Mack, Out in January 2018

We’re excited to reveal artist Larry Rostant’s stunning cover for The Midnight Front, an epic World War II fantasy novel by David Mack, and the first volume in the Dark Arts secret history series from Tor Books.

Dark Arts follows a small group of karcists—magic users—who start out as an Allied magical ops team fighting Nazi sorcerers in Europe. From there the series weaves in and out of the social and political upheavals in each subsequent decade of the 20th century, focusing on the magical factions that fought against each other to control world events and shape history as we know it.

The Midnight Front will be followed by The Iron Codex, set in the 1950s; and Shadow Commission, set in the ’60s.

Senior Editor Marco Palmieri notes, “David Mack’s cinematic writing style has found the perfect vehicle in The Midnight Front. His vividly rendered characters, together with his intricate weaving of historical fact with fantasy, a compelling and dangerous system of magic, and a surprising cosmology, all combine for a truly riveting reading experience. And Larry Rostant’s amazing cover art captures that experience perfectly.”

The Midnight Front David Mack

Art by Larry Rostant

Author David Mack describes seeing the cover for the first time: “Knowing for the last few months that the Tor team has been working on the cover for The Midnight Front made me excited but also nervous. Could any cover possibly capture everything that I wanted my novel to be? Yesterday I saw it. And I immediately texted my editor and literary senpai Marco Palmieri: ‘FUCK YES! Your team NAILED IT!’

“I’ve been staring at the cover off and on for a day now, and the longer I gaze at it, the more I love it. Everything is just as I’d hoped, from the overall mood to the tiniest details, right down to the tag line. This is just one of many reasons I’ve dreamed for years of becoming a Tor author. Seeing a cover like this is an author’s dream come true.”

Look for The Midnight Front  in January 2018 from Tor Books.


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