Tiny Jyn Erso Heads to Star Wars Celebration, Hands Every Leia a Copy of the Death Star Plans

This small Jyn Erso is actually named Harley, and her dad Dino Ignacio makes all sort of fantastic cosplay outfits for his family. This year, in honor of the dearly departed Carrie Fisher, Harley came to the Star Wars Celebration prepared with her Jyn outfit and a stack of Death Star plans–and handed them out to every Leia she saw.

Observe. And then cry with us.

A New Hope Leia!

DinoIgnacio, Imgur, Jyn cosplay

A Cloud City Leia!

DinoIgnacio, Imgur, Jyn cosplay

An Endor Leia!

DinoIgnacio, Imgur, Jyn cosplay

A–hey, wait a minute, that’s skipping over a significant part of the plot!

DinoIgnacio, Imgur, Jyn cosplay

There are more of these utterly charming photos from the Star Wars Celebration over at Ignacio’s Imgur account. And you’ll find more impressive cosplay in his gallery!

[Via Nerdist]


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