Deadpool 2 Casts Josh Brolin as Cable

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Deadpool 2 has finally ended their search for time-traveling mutant Cable: he will be played by Josh Brolin.

While names like Nathan Fillion and Pierce Brosnan had previously been bounced around, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Brolin has snapped up the role and signed a four-picture deal. This marks his second role in the Marvel universe on screen, as he is also playing Thanos in the upcoming Inifnity War films.

For those who aren’t comics savvy, Cable is technically the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and a clone of Jean Grey. Sent to the apocalyptic future, he eventually comes back in time and hangs out with Deadpool as a sort of straight man in their comedic duo. Given Brolin’s pedigree in similar projects–he was the title character in Jonah Hex, and he played the straight man to Will Smith’s Agent J in Men in Black 3–this casting choice is kind of a no-brainer. (Though we might still be a little sad that they didn’t get Keira Knightley to take the part….)

Deadpool 2 should hit theater in March of 2018.



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