This Baby Hippo Needs a Name!

Generally speaking, when someone asks me to name a baby or small animal I scream MOONCHILD and run away. But seeing as how the Memphis Zoo’s hippo family has recently grown by one adorable infant (above) and seeing as how that infant’s mom’s name is Binti (!!!) and how Sarah Gailey’s upcoming book, River of Teeth, is literally stuffed with hippos, we here at thought we’d suggest that they keep this SFF hippo name trend rolling and mention that RoT features a veritable plethora of Noms de Hippopotamidae, including the stately Zahra, the snappy Stasia, the high Victorian Abigail and Rosa, the cuddly Betsy, and finally Ruby, who was named the book’s best hippo in an informal office poll.

So many to choose from! Head over to the Memphis Zoo’s site to help name the new baby, and, most importantly, bask in hippo pictures…and check out the adorable video below!


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