Fashion is the Key to Discovering Whether or Not Rey is the Next Chosen Skywalker |

Fashion is the Key to Discovering Whether or Not Rey is the Next Chosen Skywalker

It appears that the question about whether or not Rey is truly a member of the Skywalker line has been settled… through a careful look at fashion choices?

Klaudia Amenábar noticed this fun exchange from Tumblr and posted it to Twitter:

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These are all… very salient points. You have to wonder where Rey has been getting her hair products because holding any style together without the proper tools is pretty taxing. (Does she even have a comb? How does one clean their hair on a desert planet inside the husk of an AT-AT that has no reason to contain shower stall?) And while her clothes are made from anything but the finest silks, she clearly has a constructed sense of style that is functional and all her own.

Rey, Star Wars, fashion

See, drapey bits!

Plus, have you ever stopped to track how those drapey bits fall into place? That took some serious thinking.

But does this eye for fashion make her a descendant of Naboo royalty and the Skywalker line? Rey already has a brand new uniform by the end of The Force Awakens, one that looks like it was tailor made to her specifications. Many of her hallmarks are there, with the armbands and the functional separates. Maybe she truly did inherit her grandmother’s fashion sense. Or even her grandfather’s love of durable fabrics and desert chic.

Rey, Star Wars, fashion

Who made your new clothes, Rey?

Obviously, Rey’s is the journey we will be following in this brand new trilogy, prominent lineage or not. But, if it does turn out that she is somehow a part of the Skywalker line, now you can say you always knew…

…because the clothes makes the Chosen One. Ones? Oh, you know.


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