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The Wheel of Time Reread Redux: An Announcement

Hello, Welcome back to the Wheel of Time Reread Redux.

This would normally be Part 4 of our coverage of The Fires of Heaven, but some changes have gone down in the past couple of weeks which has led this post to be, well, not that. Please click on to find out what I mean.

So! The Powers That Be at have recently begun implementing a number of programming changes for the website, based on shifting reader interests and a number of other factors. One of those changes has been the decision to scale back on some of the older blog series on the site, in favor of more stand-alone essays and articles.

And given that the Wheel of Time Reread is one of the longest-running blog series on the site (in fact, I’m not sure, but it’s possible that Kate Nepveu’s Lord of the Rings Reread may be the only series that predates it), and that even the WOT Redux Reread is over three years old… well.

Ergo, this is the last post in the Wheel of Time Reread Redux.

I sincerely regret that circumstances dictate that it must be ended so abruptly, and in mid-flow, so to speak. The Wheel of Time Reread, in one form or another, has been a huge part of my life for over eight years, and that ain’t an easy thing to see come to an end, but I must trust that it is all for the best.

I know some of you will be upset by this news (hell, I would be way more upset if I didn’t think you’d be upset too), but I do want to assure you that (a) the previous posts of the Reread and the comments upon them will in no way be disappearing from the site, and (b) this is not even close to the end of me and the Wheel of Time on As I said above, the site is moving to focus more on standalone articles, and TPTB and I are currently cooking up some ideas for WOT-related topics that I can expand upon in just such individual essays: things like in-depth character analyses, perhaps, or posts focusing on setting, Jordan’s writing style and/or influences, and other such things.

We have lots of ideas, but I would also love to hear from you, O My Peeps. What WOT things would you like to see me write about? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

In the meantime, I would also love it if you’d check out my other still-extant series on the site, The Movie Rewatch of Great Nostalgia. We have lots of fun over there! And if you’re feeling especially supportive of moi, do also recall that the original Wheel of Time Reread is still available as an e-book series! Yay!

And, yeah. I summed it up best in my first final post, but allow me to Redux my sentiments here again:

Thank you.

Thank you for sticking with me all these crazy years, and being such an awesome audience, and sharing your love of WOT and fandom and everything else with me through it all. Y’all remain the best readers a girl could ever wish for, and I hope very much that this is only, if not the beginning, a beginning. ‘Cause it certainly ain’t the end.

Cheers, my dears. See you soon!

Please note: all previous posts and comment threads in this series will continue to be permanently available on the site, and can always be found at the Wheel of Time Reread index.


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