Open Thread: What is the Name of Your Favorite Magical Weapon?

Stormbringer, Oathbringer, Lightbringer—you know you’re a Pretty Important Character™ if you’ve got a weapon with a name attached. Lots of them are bladed weapons, but all sorts of scary implements have been given titles and endearments; like Jayne Cobb’s Callahan full-bore auto-lock named Vera, and John Crichton’s beloved pulse pistol Winona. And if the weapon has a name, it’s probably magical—not necessarily in the literal sense, but in terms of what it can pull off that an “ordinary” weapon simply could not.

So what would you have to check with the doorman on your way into the tavern, pub, or exclusive club? Would you tote Excalibur, or Sting? Mjolnir, or the Elder Wand? Or would you prefer to have a shortsword with a talking hilt, like Tommy the White Ranger’s Saba? (Saba can also fly and use sarcasm. Saba was pretty much the coolest.)

Remember, the answers below are likely to contain spoilers for various series—white them out if you remember to, and be careful!


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