What Do We Want From Alien: Covenant?

This gorgeous and deeply unnerving poster for Alien: Covenant was just released by Entertainment Weekly, and it’s got us asking all sorts of questions about the upcoming film….

If you’ve seen the trailer, you know that David the Android is back–and rumor has it that the planet he and his pals land on has all sorts of horrors in store for them. Assuming that this is a sequel of sorts to Prometheus… how does this all fit together with what we know of the mythology so far? What do we actually want the film to be?

  • Considering the crew on this ship, and the fact that they seem like settlers, maybe this is a kind of “wagon train to the stars” gone wrong? It would be fascinating if this flipped the script a little on some of the old Alien films, and made this about humans colonizing the Aliens’ world. Maybe that’s the reason they never liked us in the first place….
  • Maybe David is in cahoots with the Aliens? It would be kind of awesome if he helped these kids get to another world on the pretexts of ‘I’m your nice incorruptible doctor’ and then proceeded to serve them up to a very scary cohabiter.
  • Maybe we could follow the adventures of David the Android’s disembodied head as it gallivants through space?
    Will we get another chilling body horror set piece, in the vein of the original Alien’s classic Chestburster, or Prometheus’ terrifying birth sequence?

What would you prefer, readers? With Alien: Covenant arriving in May and Ridley Scott hinting at more Alien films, where are you hoping the Alien universe takes us now?


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