Open Thread: Tell Us Your Favorite Character in the Book You’re Reading Right Now!

They jump out at you. Sometimes they’re the reason you kept going past page five. You want to know what the next comeback is, who they’re meeting with, what they eat for dinner. You want to know know more about their habits, their history, where they’re headed. Certain characters just have a hook, a power—we keep reading to spend more time with them. The best thing about being a reader is that there can be a new one every week or less.

So who is your new favorite? The one who captured you imagination from the start? Is there more than one? Maybe a duo or a crew? Are they from a new book, hot off the shelves? Or did you finally crack into an old standby and find that special someone who was missing all your life? Tell us!

Remember, this thread will likely have spoilers. White them out if you think of it, and be careful of them in the comments!


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