Malazan Reread of the Fallen: An Announcement


Hi everyone,

Our apologies for the suddenness of this announcement, but it seems our long (seven years!) journey is coming to an end, as will soon be reorganizing some of the content and formats on the site so as to better meet the needs/desires of its audience. But while that means that the reread will be closed out, that doesn’t mean that discussion of the Malazan universe will disappear from—just that further exploration will come via different formats, such as essays or reviews.

For myself, I can’t say enough about how much I’ve enjoyed this trip. Amanda has been the perfect partner (seven years—my longest relationship outside my marriage!), and our followers have to be amongst the most committed and knowledgeable readers out there. Ostensibly, I was supposed to be the “experienced” one here, but as became quickly apparent, I was learning as much or more from your comments, which made one of my favorite fantasy creations all the more richly enjoyable. So thank you for that and for your time, whether you just joined in, dropped in and out over the years, or were with us every step of the way.

We’re very proud of this massive reread, and thrilled with how has supported us over seven years, through over 400 posts covering more than a dozen novels, and a handful of novellas. And of course, we can’t sign off without thanking Steven and Ian, both for the books themselves but especially for their willingness to give their time at the end of each novel to answer (well, OK, not really “answer” but respond to) our questions.

Look for us on in future pieces, and look for more on the Malazan world as well. After all, as we all well know from these books, how often is an “ending” really the end?



Well, the journey is done and now we can rest. After seven plus years, sixteen books and massive personal life changes, the Malazan Reread has come to an end. So here is my Oscar-style speech to close it off!

First of all, heartfelt thanks to Stefan Raets. If it wasn’t for him having to step away from the project at its earliest stage, I would have never had the opportunity.

I don’t have the words to properly pay tribute to Bill—his patience, his kindness, his humour, all have helped me through the Reread. I couldn’t have done it without his wise voice and support. This has, in fact, been my longest relationship EVER, and I will be forever proud of that fact.

Thank you to for hosting the project, for providing guidance and allowing us the space to commit thousands of words to blog pages on just one subject.

I also struggle to find suitable words for Steven Erikson and Ian Cameron Esslemont—without their creation and their stupendous talents, I wouldn’t have been part of something so very special. The Malazan world is so rich and rewarding, deserves multiple reads and new readers, and will always have a place in my heart. Without the challenge of these books, I wouldn’t have become the editor I am today, so I owe a massive debt to their creators.

– Finally, thanks to you, the readers of this long-running series. You have laughed and cried with us, argued over scenes, added perspectives, shared favourite characters and moments, and genuinely made this Malazan Re-read everything we hoped it could be. The experience was all the more engaging because of you, and it means a lot that you stuck with us.

In the inimitable words of Porky Pig, “That’s all, folks!”


PLEASE NOTE: All previous posts and comments in this series will continue to be available on the site, and can always be found at the Malazan Reread Index.


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