Open Thread: What Fictional “Girl Squad” Left You Most Inspired?

March is Women’s History Month, and today is International Women’s Day. And it’s got us thinking about the importance of female friendships and the support that women give to one another day in and day out—because we only succeed in this world by raising each other up. Who are your favorite all-lady squads, teams, and troops? Who would you spend your Galentine’s Day brunch with? Who do you need at you side for the Big Boss battles?

Did you cut your teeth on My Little Pony? Like, the original MLP, from back in the ’80s? Or maybe the three witches from Macbeth are more your speed. Do you fantasize about joining America Chavez on A-Force, or maybe wish to claim a spot among the Sailor Scouts (we hear the Trappist-1 system is recruiting…)?

Remember, the comments are going to be a free-for-all, so watch out for spoilers (and white them out, if you think of it, please)!


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