Star Trek’s USS Discovery Has A Captain — Jason Isaacs

Have you ever wanted to know what Lucius Malfoy would bring to a starship captaincy? You’re about to find out, my friends–Star Trek: Discovery has just put Jason Isaacs in The Chair as Captain Lorca.

Isaacs has a full and vibrant career as an actor, and has held his fair share of genre fiction roles, from Captain Hook in Peter Pan to the father of Harry Potter’s schoolyard nemesis, Draco Malfoy. He certainly has the panache that a starship captaincy requires. All the same, this will not be the central leading role in the show; that belongs to Sonequa Martin-Green, one of the lieutenant commanders aboard the Discovery. It will be fascinating to see what Isaacs brings to the role, particularly knowing that he will not be the focal character. Lorca is a Spanish surname, so that might give us some hints as to what the character’s background will be.

Can he still carry a walking stick topped with a snake head around the ship, though? If he can’t, at least promise me that he will have lots of banter with Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Georgiou, commanding the USS Shenzhou. Captain BFFs.

Discovery‘s cast seems to have finally shaped up, and it is likely that filming will commence in earnest now that the majority of the crew have been announced. Star Trek: Discovery is set to premiere in late summer/early fall of 2017.

[Via Entertainment Weekly]


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