Can You Win Enough John Scalzi Books to Build a Book Fort?

Maybe you already have enough John Scalzi books to build a book fort—and if you do, why aren’t you showing us pictures of said fort?!?

If you don’t have a full-fort collection, well, now’s your chance! You can enter to win a whole pile of Scalzi books, including a galley of The Collapsing Empire, by clicking right here.

The winner will receive a copy of each of the following:

Old Man’s War
Ghost Brigades
The Last Colony
Zoe’s Tale
The Human Division
The End of All Things
Agent to the Stars
The Android’s Dream
Fuzzy Nation
Lock In
Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded
The Collapsing Empire (galley)

While you’re waiting moderately patiently to find out if you’ve won, why not take a peek at the beginning of The Collapsing Empire?


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