The Google Doodle is Just as Excited about Trappist-1 as We Are!

Google celebrated yesterday’s Trappist-1 Exoplanet Jamboree with a fabulous Google Doodle! Click through to watch the whole animation from artist Nate Swinehart, and join us in dreaming of potential vacations in a solar system that’s not so far, far away.

Has planetary discovery ever been cuter than this Google Doodle? We think not.

Trappist1 as a Google Doodle

You can check out more of Swinehart’s work at his site, and, because we’re ready to start planning that exoplanet vacation right now, enjoy this bonus poster!

Trappist-1 poster from JPL

This is the latest addition to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Visions of the Future, a series of stunning travel posters that imagine other worlds as travel destinations of the future.

If you ask us, the future can’t get here fast enough.


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