Tell Your Special Someone you Love Them to the Wall and Back with These Game of Thrones Valentines Cards!

Are you still looking for the perfect way to tell your loved ones that they mean all Seven Kingdoms to you? Well, you are in luck: Winter is Coming shared these hilarious Valentine’s Day cards! The HBO Shop took some of their favorite Game of Thrones merchandise and created cards that range from adorable to, frankly, disturbing. Check them out below!

This pretty much cuts to the chase:



Although we’re not sure how the recipient of the “You’re My Tormund” mug should feel…



But this one does a great job of combining the darkness of Game of Thrones with the silliness of love:



While these are great, this begs the obvious question: where is Tyrion? If any Game of Thrones character should be honored with a card, it’s him. And maybe Pod…anyway. You can head over to the Culturess to download the cards for free!

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