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Emma Watson is Her Best Self in the New Trailer for The Circle

The latest trailer for The Circle, the film adaptation of Dave Eggers’ social media cautionary tale, really ups the creepy ante. While the first teaser introduced us to the world of The Circle—a self-sustaining, cultlike tech company—and its SeeChange cameras posted all over the world streaming live footage, the latest trailer focuses in on the star of both the film and The Circle itself: Mae Holland (Emma Watson), who joins The Circle and quickly rises through its ranks.

On the one hand, public acknowledgment from your Steve Jobs/Elon Musk-esque boss (Tom Hanks) is validating, and putting your sick father on your company’s health plan is beyond generous. On the other hand, the freedoms you trade for such perks can quickly snowball out of your control, as Mae discovers when the SeeChange cameras turn her into a national celebrity and track her every move: fights with her boyfriend, for one, and secretive meetings with the Circle programmer (John Boyega) who is starting to question the ethical boundaries of his creation.

Watch the trailer below:

The Circle comes to theaters April 28.


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