Watch The Doctor Regenerate Through Space and Time in This Charming Fan Animation

Coming off last week’s news that Peter Capaldi will leave Doctor Who by the end of this year, we stumbled across this bittersweet animation from 2015, in which all of New Who‘s Doctors run through time and space. Artist Adrianna Ojrzanowska makes the most of her simple medium (paper and pen) to show the recurring themes in the series—that is, the aforementioned running from page to page. But the end of each page also signals a regeneration, and/or the loss of a companion.

Maybe it’s the Coldplay song, or the fact that the new series’ handful of regenerations have hit us in all the feels, but this short video very effectively shows the transition from Nine to Ten to Eleven to Twelve. (No War Doctor, though?)

And if the video’s got you choked up, you can revisit Emmet Asher-Perrin’s piece on how to survive a regeneration.


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