Living in a House on Fire: A New Katherine Vaz Novella for

We’re delighted to be able to announce the acquisition of a new novella by the amazing Katherine Vaz!

When Ellen Datlow brought us a new Katherine Vaz novella—and described it as Alice in Wonderland meets The Book Thief—we knew we had to take a look. And the more we read, the more we knew we had to publish it.

Katherine told us:

After my Father died, I received an outpouring of memories from decades of his former students. An official Senior Prank had been to kidnap his bust of Virgil, and that was the centerpiece of all their memories. This is my Alice in Wonderland journey through grief, inspired by my Father’s love of Treasure Hunts, mysteries, and history. Virgil has been stolen right out of Lara Dias’s grasp. Can she follow the clues to getting him back? Can the reader predict the shock awaiting her at the end? I’m delighted to be writing my first novella with thanks largely to my long-time editor, Ellen Datlow.

Ellen said:

Katherine Vaz is a creator of magical worlds, worlds sometimes infused with folk tales of her Portuguese/American ancestry.

I’ve published several of her adult, young adult, and middle grade fantasy stories and am pleased to be working with her on her novella Living in a House on Fire.

Living in a House on Fire will be published in ebook and trade paperback formats in early 2018.

Katherine Vaz, a Briggs-Copeland Fellow in Fiction at Harvard, Fellow of the Radcliffe Institute, and a National Endowment for the Arts recipient, has published two novels, Saudade and Mariana, which appeared in six languages and was selected by the Library of Congress as one of the Top Thirty International Books of 1998. Her collection Fado & Other Stories won the Drue Heinz Literature Prize and Our Lady of the Artichokes won the Prairie Schooner Book Prize. The Love Life of an Assistant Animator & Other Stories was recently published by Tailwinds. She has published many short stories, including some in anthologies for children, and lives in New York City with her husband, the editor, writer, and TV producer Christopher Cerf.


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