These Stained Glass-Inspired Solar System Prints Will Take Your Breath Away

Freelance illustrator and designer Jian Guo has drawn inspiration from the stained glass style of painting to retell both J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings series as well as the original Star Wars trilogy. Continuing in that vein with his Solar System series, he moves away from epic storytelling to focus on one subject for each image—that is, images of the eight planets and dwarf planet Pluto, each radiant in its own way.

stained glass solar system Saturn

Art by Jian Guo

While each square has the same structure—celestial body surrounded by brave spacefaring astronauts—the images are strikingly individual, from the lushness of Earth to a rather psychedelic Mercury to a Saturn that almost seems to be moving… and yes, even the starkness of Pluto, with its little heart.

stained glass solar system Pluto

Art by Jian Guo

Guo has also combined all of the planets (Pluto included!) in one print, with the colors even more striking set against the backdrop of space.

via Tumblr/sosuperawesome


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