Artist Creates Best Possible Titles For Paintings

Artists of all stripes will tell you that titling a work is one of the hardest tasks they encounter. How does one convey what their art is meant to express with a few choice words? Should they be pithy or soulful? Will the title capture someone’s imagination?

Artist and illustrator Tomislav Jagnjic has it all figured out. The piece above is titled: “yo bro is it safe down there in the woods? yeah man it’s cool”

But it doesn’t stop there! This masterpiece is titled “nope. wrong way, turn around”

Tomislav Jagnjic

by Tomislav Jagnjic

And here is a little gem called “hey psst, wanna buy some cubes”

Tomislav Jagnjic

by Tomislav Jagnjic

Not every work in Jagnjic’s portfolio is titled the same way, but there is an imaginative array over on his website that we highly encourage you to check out.

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