Resist Voldemort With the “Benedict Cumberbatch Name Game”

If you’ve been on Tumblr, there’s a game you probably know. It’s called “combine any letters into the same syllables and stresses that ‘Benedict Cumberbatch’ has, and everyone will know who you’re talking about.”

It also happens to be the perfect way to resist He Who Must Not Be Named (But Will Now Be Named Repeatedly in An Increasingly Silly Fashion).

Here is a gem that we came across the other day:

Tumblr, Voldemort name game, Benedict Cumberbatch

We stared coming up with our own around the office:

“valiant pamplesnort”

“wingading razzmatazz”

“bilious vandlecoot”

“lillipup vileplume”

“tiddlywinks snuffleplum”

“spookyface snakeypoof”

And now we think you should join in with us–what would your Voldemort Resistance Name be?


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