Disney All But Confirms Shared-Universe Fan Theories With Pixar Easter Eggs Video

Yes, we know, we’ve all read Jon Negroni’s Pixar Theory, which draws connections between the 14 Pixar films that came after Toy Story in a tangled web that incorporates magic, sentient animals, and artificial intelligence. But Disney’s new video “Pixar Easter Eggs,” posted almost four years after Negroni’s deep dive, attacks the same question from a different angle.

That is, by going super granular—freeze-framing and then panning over to a background character (or image) that you may not have noticed on first viewing, then jumping over to the movie it references. From Inside Out‘s Riley peering into the aquarium in Finding Dory to the shadow of Up‘s Dug chasing Remy in Ratatouille two years before the former came out… or even Skinner’s bright red moped showing up in the scrap pile in WALL-E… this is an Easter egg video to the nth degree.

Seriously, I feel like Kujan at the end of The Usual Suspects.


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