The Defenders Get Their Own Photo Shoot!

The Defenders is due this this year, and with filming underway, it’s time to see the team all geared up together. Entertainment Weekly has the first set of photos with Matt Murdock, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Danny Rand!

Here are a few from the series, including the magazine upcoming cover. Everyone is basking in light the same color as their traditional uniform, it would seem, so we start with green:

The Defenders, Danny Rand, Entertainment Weekly

photographed by Finlay Mackay

Then yellow!

The Defenders, Luke Cage, Entertainment Weekly

photograph by Finlay Mackay

Red! (Not quite buying the suit, though; is Matt Murdock even practicing law these days? He kinda gave up on… everything last season. Except Daredeviling. So. Maybe he should just be hanging out in comfy sweats?)

The Defenders, Matt Murdock, Entertainment Weekly

photograph by Finlay Mackay

Purple! (Accompanied by a very poignant LIQUOR sign. Yes, we know Jessica has a problem, thanks for reminding us.)

The Defenders, Jessica Jones, Entertainment Weekly

photographed by Finlay Mackay

This is a shot from episode two of the miniseries, and it’s hard not to be excited over the prospect of Misty Knight and Jessica meeting. Even if they argue. Especially if they argue?

The Defenders, Misty Knight, Jessica Jones, Entertainment Weekly

And here is our crew hanging out on a taxi cab:

The Defenders, Entertainment Weekly cover

Just one thing, though… why is Jessica Jones doing “the butt pose” in both of two of the three promo photos? It doesn’t seem like the sort of thing Jessica would be excited about, and also stop with the butt pose. We’ve had this conversation before.

Head on over to Entertainment Weekly for more photos (including your first glimpse at Sigourney Weaver!)


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