FX Shares Updates on Y: The Last Man TV Series

While FX’s adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s comic book series Y: The Last Man is still very much in the early stages, the network nonetheless provided some updates this week at the Television Critics Association winter press tour—proving that Vaughan and showrunner Michael Green have been hard at work since the latter joined the project a few months ago. According to FX’s President of Original Programming, Nick Grad, the network is waiting on Green and Vaughan’s script: “We’re supposed to get a script in the next couple months.”

Grad also revealed that, unlike FX’s limited series American Horror StoryAmerican Crime Story, and Fargo, this adaptation of Y is “going to be an ongoing series.” It’s the most logical choice, as Vaughan and Guerra’s 60-issue narrative (which spanned five years both in real life and in the story) is incredibly serialized. There wouldn’t really be a way to present it as a limited series, unless one took the angle of focusing, one season at a time, on the disparate groups of women surviving post-plague. But considering that the series is named after Yorick Brown, the eponymous “last man,” that would probably be too slow of a burn, narratively. Instead, we’ll have to see if Vaughan and Green decide to follow the major arcs of the comic book series when it comes to season finales, or go in an entirely different direction.



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