Devote Yourself to Cthulhu with Five Days of Winter Tide

While any editor with a lick of political sense will tell you they love EVERY book they have the honor to publish, today I’m going to admit to playing favorites. Winter Tide holds a special place in my heart, and I think over the course of this week you’ll begin to see why.

The first novel from debut author Ruthanna Emrys kicks off a new historical fantasy series, the Innsmouth Legacy, that could enrapture readers for years to come. It’s about Aphra Marsh, last survivor of the Innsmouth internment camps, working with the U.S. government that imprisoned her people to prevent a magical war with the USSR. It’s about the found family she wraps around herself in a world she no longer recognizes. It’s about survival in the face of annihilation, kindness under the shadow of cruelty, and love as an antidote to hatred.

I first met Aphra Marsh in 2013, when I found Ruthanna’s novelette “The Litany of Earth” in’s slush pile. Hers is the first work of fiction I ever edited, and I’m terribly proud to share the first five chapters of Aphra Marsh’s next journey with all of you.

That’s right, we’ll be releasing a new chapter of Winter Tide every day from Monday to Friday of this week. Come and discover an amazing world.

You can get started right away with chapters one and two, and check back all this week for additional excerpts, collected below:

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Winter Tide is available April 4th from Publishing. Happy reading!



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