Architale Series Reimagines Fairy Tales as Fantastical Buildings

We are all about architecture in fantasy, but here’s something we haven’t seen before: Italian illustrator Federico Babina’s Architale series, which reimagines classic fairy tales as pieces of architecture. Not artwork of iconic buildings in fantasy—though the Peter Pan one does resemble Captain Hook’s ship—but designing buildings based on the themes of the stories: Little Red Riding Hood’s crimson home has a loft for a roof; Pinocchio’s log cabin has one long window; The Princess and the Pea is made up of stacks and stacks, with a pea-shaped void; and The Sword in the Stone is pretty self-explanatory but no less striking.

Architale Pinocchio Federico Babina

Architecture seems to be the unifying theme in Babina’s various art series: His portfolio includes links to works depicting Archist, Archidirector, and Archisutra (that one, as you might have guessed, is somewhat NSFW).

Architale Princess and the Pea Federico Babina

We’re especially fans of his Archiwriter series, which channels Isaac Asimov and Haruki Murakami:

Federico Babina Archiwriter series Haruki Murakami

Tour all of Babina’s imagined cities at his website.

via Laughing Squid


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