Your Movie Set Isn’t Haunted — The Local Teens Are Messing With You

There are all sorts of stories about haunted film sets, especially if the movie in question falls into the horror genre. Spooky tales about movies with curses, from Rosemary’s Baby to Poltergeist, can be found all over the place in film lore. From ominous moved furniture to accidental deaths, these behind-the-scenes accounts make it hard to ignore a potential supernatural excuse.

But what if your average haunted set is just a bunch of kids messing with you?

Here is a little story on Tumblr from thechesiresmiles:

children of the corn set story, Tumblr

Now… I should point out that there do not seem to be any Wikipedia pages talking about a haunting on the Children of the Corn set. (Of course, Wikipedia can always be edited, so it’s possible that someone just pulled it out of the entry.) But either way, this seems a pretty credible way of passing the time if you live in the middle of nowhere.

And then it was compounded by another story of a similar ilk:

Blair Witch Project story, Tumblr

For the record, this is how all of us should be spending our theoretical retirements.

There were a few more stories added onto this post, which makes you wonder–just how many haunted sets are the result of locals having a good time?


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