Journey to the Future-Past with the Sci-Fi Art of the 1970s!

We here at are huge fans of the future. As we step tentatively out into 2017, we find ourselves looking back to the weird, wonderful, and sometimes fantastical future of the 1970s. Specifically, the future that is being archived, tweeted, and tumbled by 70s Sci-Fi Art! The twitter feed highlights original art, movie stills, and even architectural designs from (or sometimes inspired by) the 1970s, and we love every single one of them.

Join us for a journey through the Future-Past, starting with a look at the suburbs of our great moon colony…


Artist unknown


Art by William Hartmann

Art by William Hartmann (1981)


Plenty of sci-fi art shows off the advanced spacecrafts of the future, but here artist Ed Emshwiller shows that sometimes classic modes of transport are the most reliable:

Art by Ed Emshwiller

Art by Ed Emshwiller


Art by Robert Burton

Art by Robert Burton



Covers for the Starblazer Comics Anthology


Artist Unknown, from The World of Tomorrow

Artist Unknown, from The World of Tomorrow


No future space adventure would be complete without a few hostile creatures. John Russell Fearn gives us “Conquest of the Amazon”—which frankly doesn’t seem to be going well:

"Conquest of the Amazon" by John Russell Fearn

Art by John Russell Fearn


Art by Shelia Rose (1973)

Art by Shelia Rose (1973)


Some of the featured art has a more fantasic bent, while still portraying a science fiction future. The biological and the mechanical contemplate each other in this illustration from Leo and Diane Dillon:

Art by Leo and Diane Dillon

Art by Leo and Diane Dillon


"Harvest Moon" by Gilbert Williams (1976)

“Harvest Moon” by Gilbert Williams (1976)


Finally they also share some lovely moments of retrofuturism, as in this illustration from Volume #3 of a series of textbooks called Understanding Human Behavior: An Illustrated Guide to Successful Human Relationships. Personally, we don’t claim to understand human behavior, and we’re not entirely certain this art will help, but we do admire this office.

Understanding Human Behavior Vol. #3


But maybe my favorite of all? Check out this 1969 swimming pool! This beauty was found in a W Magazine spread on retrofuturism, and should serve as inspiration for all design going forward.

1969 Swimming Pool featured in W Magazine, October 14, 2014


Head over to 70s Sci-Fi Art to check out more visions of the future, and let me know which one is your favorite!

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