Adam Savage Tours a Weta Workshop Sculptor’s Mini Labyrinth Maze!

Is there anything more joyful than watching someone explain their passion to an appreciative audience? In the video below, Johnny Fraser-Allen walks Adam Savage through his gorgeously detailed model of the Labyrinth from, er, Labyrinth. Fraser-Allen began work at Weta Workshop straight out of high school, after being inspired to go into film by repeated viewing of Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. Now he’s been commissioned by River Horse Games to create figures and illustrations for their Labyrinth tabletop game, and he gleefully shares his work with fellow maze-enthusiast Adam Savage, whose model of The Shining‘s iconic hedge maze is currently touring the country with the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition.

Click through for the video!

This entire video is fantastic, but my personal favorite moment comes when Fraser-Allen, whose day job is sculpting for Weta, talks about how great it is to also sculpt for the Labyrinth gig:

“It’s a side project I just kind of, you know, do in the evenings,” Fraser-Allen says, to Adam Savage’s obvious delight.
Savage replies, “I liked to think of myself as obsessive when I made The Shining maze, but I am an amateur compared to you.”
“I didn’t mean for it to go this far…” Fraser-Allen replies.
Both men laugh.

It’s a lovely moment of mutual admiration, and I find the pride the two take in their obsessions inspiring. I also need to note that the cameraperson made sure to swoop in on Jareth’s iconic leggings:


You can watch the video below, and head over to Laughing Squid to see more of Adam Savage’s tour of Weta Workshop!




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