Enter a World Where Mecha Robots are Common in Eastern Europe, and Bears are Our Friends

Artist Jakub Rozalski blends the early 20th Century farmland of Eastern Europe with startling mecha, trained bears, and werewolves to create jarring scenes of life during and after war. These paintings are part of the world of “Scythe” a complex board game Rozalski kickstarted a few years ago, but we think they work wonderfully as stand-alone art pieces! The painting seem to take place in a world where giant Mecha warriors were used during World War II, as in this terrifying scene of a beach invasion. Even more interesting, however, are the paintings that seem to show life after the war, when these former battle machines are incorporated into everyday pastoral life.

Here we see a horrifying war machine providing shelter during a winter hunting expedition:



Ans surely this walking turret can be of some use on a farm?



This alternate universe AT-AT can carry more than a reindeer:



Even better? In the world of Rozalski’s painting, bears help out around the farm!



And sometimes the mecha can even be used to conquer mountainsides that even goats find difficult:



And this is all before we get into the paintings that depict a war between werewolves and men. You can see more of Rozalski’s work at Design You Trust and ArtStation!


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