Star Trek: Discovery Has Found Its Leading Lady

As Bryan Fuller promised, the lead character of Star Trek: Discovery is going to be ship’s lieutenant commander, and that character has finally been cast! According to Entertainment Weekly, the role has gone to Sonequa Martin-Green.

Martin-Green is already known to genre fans as Sasha Williams from The Walking Dead, and also Tamara on Once Upon A Time. She will be filling the main role on the show, which Fuller described as a “lieutenant commander with caveats.” Before Fuller left the show, he was keen to explore a Trek setting with a character that was not a starship captain.

Martin-Green’s casting comes on the heels of various casting announcements for the show, including three new Klingon characters, the addition of Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp (who will play Trek’s first openly gay character), and the captain of the Shenzhou, played by Michelle Yeoh.


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