Daenerys’ Invasion of Westeros Detailed in New Game of Thrones Set Pic

The following contains some big spoilers for Game of Thrones season 7. Turn away now if you’d like to go into the new season without knowing one of the big plot twists.

Filming is currently underway on Game of Thrones‘ forthcoming seventh season, which will air in summer 2017 with 7 episodes, followed by a final 6 episodes in 2018. Filming on the first half won’t conclude until February, and since this extended finale season features all of Westeros’ disparate characters finally coming together, every set pic offers new spoilers and heavy implications.

The latest set pic, as revealed by Watchers on the Wall, is no different.

The latest pics feature Euron Greyjoy leading a victory procession through King’s Landing, with his sister Yara and two of the Dornish Sand Snakes, Ellaria and Tyene, following as prisoners.

Although the set pics (visible here) contain characters that are secondary within Game of Thrones, they imply a great deal about the result of Daenerys’ long-awaited invasion of Westeros, which was last seen piled onto Yara’s fleet, cutting across the Narrow Sea to Dorne.

Daenerys has a three-pronged force: Yara Greyjoy’s fleet, her ground forces, which primarily consist of Dothraki, and her dragons. With Yara in chains and being paraded to Queen Cersei, it looks like, at best, Daenerys’ fleet is repelled during their invasion attempt. At worst, this could also mean that the Mother of Dragons has lost the Dothraki housed within that fleet, leaving her invasion force decimated and her dragons as her only edge.

Regardless, it does not appear that Daenerys’ invasion is as successful as many viewers had wished. It could also explain why Queen Cersei and Queen Daenerys appear to be sitting for some sort of parley, or negotiation, in these other set pics.


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