“First We Survive, Then We Find Our Humanity Again”: The 100 Season 4 Trailer

Turns out that A.L.I.E.’s warning from the season 3 finale of The 100 wasn’t an empty threat: The first trailer for The 100 season 4 is chock full of every irradiated reason that maybe the Sky People and Grounders should’ve taken a one-way ticket to the City of Light. But are these fever dreams or previews for what could be The 100‘s most brutal season yet?

The trailer is also filled with all the good to balance out the series’ perpetual bleakness: a potential new carrier of the Flame, lots of makeouts, and Octavia being a badass.

Except… why does Raven have to suffer again? Hasn’t she been through enough?

The 100 season 4 premieres Wednesday, February 1, on The CW.


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