Jeff and Ann VanderMeer Announce a New Anthology, The Big Book of Classic Fantasy

Jeff and Ann VanderMeer are following up their Big Book of Science Fiction with another behemoth of an anthology: The Big Book of Classic Fantasy! The book, which is currently scheduled for a 2018 release, will include works from about 1850 up to World War II. This will be the pair’s fourth anthology, after The Big Book of Science Fiction, The Time Traveler’s Almanac, and The Weird, which won a World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology in 2012.

Jeff VanderMeer announced the new book on his blog, saying, “Will this anthology include not just your favorite classics from the English language, but also translations from all over the world? Yes. Will it include never-before-translated new stories? Yes. Will it include the best of the Decadents and the Surrealists in a fantastical vein? Oh yes, most certainly. We hope to widen our net on the translation side, focusing on areas of the world that have been underrepresented in prior anthologies.”

The VanderMeers will be working with editor Tim O’Connell and editorial consultant Dominik Parisien. You can learn more about the upcoming anthology over at Jeff Vandermeer’s blog.


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