There’s a Santa Waiting in the Sky! He’d Like to Give us Presents, But He Might Just Blow Our Minds

Mark Lineham has created the coolest set of Christmas ornaments we’ve ever seen. “A Very New Wave Christmas” bends the definition of “New Wave” a little, but isn’t it worth it to have ornaments of David Bowie and Nick Cave?

Click through for more Christmas joy.

Saint Nick Cave in his RED RIGHT SUIT.

Saint Nick Cave


Rudolph in a coma, I know, I know, it’s serious.

Heat Mozzer and Snow Mozzer


And finally, the fantastically creepy Elfman on a Shelfman! He-e-e-e loves little gifts! They make him feel so… good.

Elfman on a Shelfman

Joy (division) to the world! Hitch up your reindeer and check out the rest of the ornaments!

[via Dangerous Minds!]


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