Narnia Meets Game of Thrones in the New Trailer for The Magicians Season 2

“What a lovely surprise. A bunch of my students went and conquered another world. The very least I can do is help you rule it.”

Dean Fogg about sums up the second trailer for season 2 of Syfy’s The Magicians: Quentin and the rest of his Brakebills classmates are following in the footsteps of Narnia’s Pevensies by crowning themselves the kings and queens of Fillory. But it’s not all flowers and peace, as the new rulers must contend with northern and southern enemies, a god that needs killing, some pesky magic issues caused by the Beast, and their own fragile friendships that might break apart in the process.

Or, as Margo tells Eliot, “Get over yourself, Ned Stark. People are gonna die no matter what. Just try to make sure it isn’t you.”

The Magicians season 2 premieres January 25.


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