Gather Round for Story Time with Tywin Lannister!

We don’t care how old we get, we still love it when people read to us. And who better to read us a story than Tywin Lannister? Sure, he spends most of his time on political machinations that make Machiavelli look like Mickey Mouse, but his dulcet tones can make even the most banal story sound like classic literature.

Here’s The Hand of the King reading to us from Spice Girl Mel B’s autobiography:

And here he is regaling us with, um, Fifty Shades of Grey:

But wait! Could it be? The War Doctor is here to read us 50 Cent’s memoir!

OK, fine. All of these clips are actually from a British quiz show called The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, which is part of Channel 4’s annual holiday line-up. But is it so wrong that for a brief shining moment we were being read to by two of the best SFF characters of recent years?


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