Introducing the Only Plushie That Can Survive Outer Space

Do you need a “Little Water Bear” in your life? Well, because we’re actually living in a terrifying reversal of The Velveteen Rabbit in which everything will one day become a stuffed version of itself, Tardigrade plushies are now things that exist!

Tardigrades are eight-legged micro animals that primarily live in water (and their discoverer, Johann August Ephraim Goeze, thought they moved like little bears, hence their name) but they can survive in freezing temperature, extreme heat, deep under water, and even in outer space, provided they’ve been dehydrated. They can survive with only a tiny amount of water in their systems, then upon rehydration go one to eat, live, and produce young as though nothing unusual happened to them. Plus, like most creatures, they make adorable stuffed toys.

Tardigrade Plush Detail


You can head over to Village Vanguard to order a Tardigrade of your very own but remember – they’re pretty much immortal, so this is a big commitment.

[via BoingBoing!]


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