Warner Bros to Adapt Jeff Smith’s Bone as a Feature Film Trilogy

Mark Osborne, director of Kung Fu Panda and The Little Prince, has an exciting new project: he will direct an adaptation of Jeff Smith’s Eisner-winning comics series. Artemis Fowl screenwriterAdam Kline will co-write, and Dan Lin’s Lin Pictures will co-produce with Animal Logic’s Zareh Nalbandian. The studio is planning a trilogy of feature-length animated films.

Osborne spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, saying, “Bone is very special and unconventional because it blends elements together that you don’t necessarily expect — soft, little comic characters and epic high-stakes fantasy adventure… to carry this into the cinematic realm presents both an opportunity to represent what readers of all ages have loved about the series, while pushing animated storytelling into exciting and different areas.”

For those who have not read the story [ed note: go read it!] the series follows the three Bone cousins, Fone, Smiley, and Phoney Bone, after they’re run out of Boneville and have to make a new life for themselves in a forbidding forest. They’re soon caught up in an adventure with a young woman named Thorn, which is gradually revealed to be an epic high fantasy saga.

We’ll update you as we learn more about the project, but in the meantime, let us know your casting choices in the comments!

[via The Hollywood Reporter]



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