Marvel Will Bring us Inhumans as a Television Series in September 2017

After rumors that the Inhumans movie had been scrapped, Marvel has now announced that, instead of a film, we’ll be getting an Inhumans television show on ABC. The show will be a co-production between Marvel, ABC, and, interestingly, IMAX, and the first two episodes of the series will get a two-week run in IMAX theater before the show premieres on ABC. The first season will be eight weekly episodes, running in Fall, 2017. Another piece of news from the press release is that the show won’t be a direct spin-off from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. AoS has been building up the idea of the Inhumans, but since the show will focus on Black Bolt and the Royal Family, the story the new series tells will be far afield from the events on AoS.

Inhumans will join AoS on ABC, while Netflix continues its series of Marvel dramas, Hulu will host Runaways, and the X-Men-focused Legion series will hit FX in February 2017. The co-production will also be the first time a television series has debuted in IMAX.

We’ll update you on details about the showrunners and cast as they’re released, but in the meantime, which characters are you hoping to see in the Inhumans series? Do you join us in our wish for a Supernatural-style road trip show starring Lockjaw and Cosmo?

[via io9 and The Hollywood Reporter]


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